Playing the History

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John teamed up with Marco Lo Muscio and Carlo Matteucci for Playing the History, fresh instrumental interpretations of some of the masterpieces of progressive rock music transcribed for pipe organ, piano, flute and bass. They have performed in the UK, and Italy with guests David Jackson, Giorgio Gabriel and Pino Magliani.

This instrumental project was born of our friendship and the same incurable and inextinguishable love of classical and progressive rock music. Between the two genres there exists a continuum of sound – who can say where one ends and the other begins?

The core of our idea is to give a place of honour to progressive rock music on the same level as the works of the great classical composers. Progressive rock lyrics have often drawn on elements of myth and fantasy, so we have also included some new pieces inspired by the literature of JRR Tolkien.

plyhistoryThey were joined by special guests Steve Hackett, David Jackson and Giorgio Gabriel.