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John Hackett Band Polo Shirts
John Hackett Band Polo Shirts
In the early stages of a band’s existence much sizing-up takes place.  It’s a time of furtive glances, scrutiny and assessment as we reflect upon each other’s assets.  Duncan opted for XL. The notion of a JHB camisole was first floated around the time of those initial rehearsals.  After toying with swatches and embroidery and an old Singer sewing machine, we concluded it may be prudent to leave it to the professionals.  This said, if you ever need any hemming done… Our design team, in an impudent challenge to the orthodox, led us way beyond our comfort zone in presenting us with what they labelled a ‘polo shirt’.  This is cleverly adapted from the very garments worn by players of this royal sport.  It’s light, it’s airy and ideal for both formal and casual wear.  We were sold.
Following an exhaustive nationwide search for suitable candidates we fished this fellow out of a local gene pool.  Seeing how he embodies the predominantly youthful demographic of our audience, we successfully strong-armed him into modelling it for us.
Sundry ‘merch’ will become available as and when we conjure it up.  In the meantime wear your shirt with insouciant pride.  In years to come it will doubtless be a much sought-after item of memorabilia.
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