Playing the History


Full Track List

1. Jerusalem – Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Parry
2. Catherine of Aragon – Rick Wakeman
3. Overnight snow – John Hackett
4. Hairless Heart – Genesis
5. After the ordeal – Genesis
6. Horizons – Genesis
7. Fanfare and Lute’s Chorus – Anthony Phillips
8. Hammer in the sand – Steve Hackett
9. Theme One – Van der Graaf Generator/Martin
10. I talk to the wind – King Crimson
11. Shadow of the Hierophant – Steve Hackett
12. Hands of the Priestess – Steve Hackett
13. Galadriel – Steve Hackett
14. Galadriel’s Memories – John Hackett
15. Bilbo's Dream – Marco Lo Muscio
16. Visions from Minas Tirith – Marco Lo Muscio
17. The Great Gig in the Sky – Pink Floyd/Wright & Torry

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resh instrumental interpretations of some of the masterpieces of progressive rock music performed by Marco Lo Muscio, John Hackett and Carlo Matteucci
with guests Steve Hackett , David Jackson and Giorgio Gabriel

“This instrumental project was born of our friendship and the same incurable and inextinguishable love of classical and progressive rock music. Between the two genres there exists a continuum of sound – who can say where one ends and the other begins?”
John, Marco & Carlo

“I’m very happy to be part of this album Playing The History with Marco, my brother John and other special friends. It has come together beautifully and I’m sure it will give many a listener a great deal of pleasure.
My congratulations to Marco, John and Carlo for turning this dream project into a reality”.
Steve Hackett

Sample tracks


Marco Lo Muscio – Pipe Organ, Piano, Mellotron
John Hackett – Flute
Carlo Matteucci – Bass, Guitar

with guests

Steve Hackett – Guitar on tracks 4, 5, 12, 13
David Jackson – Sax on tracks 9 & 17
Giorgio Gabriel – Guitar on tracks 1, 10, 11, 14, 17


Rock Society – The Journal of the Classic Rock Society

a must for fans of either progressive or classical music …

The Waiting Room Online – issue 84

an album chock full of masterful performances from all involved all of which would not sound out of place being performed at a concert hall near you – superb stuff highly recommended!