Red Planet Rhythm


Full Track List

1. Worlds Within Worlds
2. Acceptance
3. Life’s a Ridiculous Solo
4. The Thirty Nine Steps
5. Sweet Leaf
6. Open Promise
7. Big Love
8. Follow Bliss
9. Fear the Feeling and Don’t Do It, No Way!
10. This Serene Earth
11. Bohemian Attraction
12. Red Planet Rhythm
13. Free at Last (Ascension Remix)

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Red Planet Rhythm is the first release from John Hackett and Sheffield-based experimental musician Moodi Drury.
The 13 original tracks range from ambient soundscapes and sophisticated downbeat with hints of experimental and classical, to soaring flute-led rhythms.
As well as great guitar licks from the duo, Hackett’s freely improvised ethereal flute features prominently, interwoven with Moodi’s off-limit rhythms and even live-mixed through some heady effects.

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John Hackett – Flutes / Guitars

Moodi Drury – Keys / Programming / Guitar

All tracks written by Moody Drury & John Hackett
except tracks 7, 8 and 11 written by Moody Drury