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On the Wings of the Wind


John Hackett & Marco Lo Muscio Duo
Steve Hackett, David Jackson, David Cross

This recording project was created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of concerts by the John Hackett and Marco Lo Muscio Duo.

As in their concerts, the pieces suggest a musical journey between ancient and modern music alternating between duo and solo compositions. The repertoire starts with music from the baroque era up to the present day with the duo’s original compositions. Their musical journey includes music of contemporary classical composers and ventures into the world of progressive music. The album includes three exceptional guests who have made a difference in the history of modern music: John’s brother. Steve Hackett, the Genesis guitarist; David Jackson, the Van Der Graaf Generator saxophonist; David Cross, the King Crimson electric violinist.

Full Track List

1 Ricercare On The Name G.A.N.D.A.L.F. (Marco Lo Muscio)
2 Minuet And Dance Of The Blessed Spirits (Christoph Willibald Gluck)
3 Ricercare “The Cathedral Of Pienza” (Marco Lo Muscio)
4 Ricercare Cromatico “The Cathedral Of Orvieto” (Marco Lo Muscio)
5 Sonata In Fa Maggiore “Vivace” (Georg Philipp Telemann)
6 Sonata In Fa Maggiore “Largo” (Georg Philipp Telemann)
7 Sonata In Fa Maggiore “Allegro” (Georg Philipp Telemann)
8 Ice Cream Waltz (John Hackett)
9 Vocalise No. 1 (Marco Lo Muscio)
10 Vocalise No. 2 (Marco Lo Muscio)
11 Thoughts Turn Homeward (John Hackett)
12 Galadriel’s Memories (John Hackett)
13 Pavane De La Belle Au Bois Domant (Maurice Ravel)
14 Vocalise No. 3 (Marco Lo Muscio)
15 Vocalise No. 5 (Marco Lo Muscio)
16 Moonchild (King Crimson)
17 In Memorian (Marco Lo Muscio)
18 “Countly Love” (“Amor Cortese”) – Omaggio A Zeffirelli (Marco Lo Muscio)
19 From “Musica Ricercata” – No. 6 (Allegro Molto Capriccioso) (György Ligeti)
20 From “Musica Ricercata” – No. 7 (Cantabile Molto Legato) (György Ligeti)
21 From “Musica Ricercata” – No. 8 (Vivace Energico) (György Ligeti)
22 Second Chance (Steve Hackett)
23 Hands Of The Priestess (Steve Hackett)
24 Hairless Heart (Steve Hackett/Genesis)
25 After The Ordeal (Steve Hackett/Genesis)


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