Hacktrax News January 2024

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The year kicked off with a return to the magical setting of Trading Boundaries  for an acoustic concert over two evenings with my brother Steve Hackett, ably assisted by Roger King and Rob Townsend. This has become something of an annual treat for all concerned. For those of you who were unable to attend, here’s a taster – it’s Debussy’s gorgeous piece for solo flute which tells of Pan’s doomed pursuit of the nymph, Syrinx:

The story ends with Syrinx being transformed into hollow water reeds which the spurned Pan then cuts and blows across making the original pipes of pan. 
I couldn’t help thinking the resigned tranquillity of that final descending whole tone scale  was in stark contrast to the raging storm that awaited us as we ventured outside for the drive home.

Next up for me is a trip on Sunday 4th February to 1865 Southampton, another favourite venue, where I shall be adding my flute to the wonderful band that is the Beatrix Players featuring the talented Ms. Amy Birks. We will be performing the whole of our new album Living & Alive plus tracks from their first album Magnified:
 Living & Alive is an album of innate beauty and charm, combining elements of classical and folk with an overriding prog twist. Its songs explore facets of life, in particular, the joy and the pain of the human condition.’ Alison Reijman, Background Magazine.

Then Thursday 22nd February my own ingeniously named John Hackett Band joins forces with the Beatrix Players and Amanda Lehmann for what promises to be a very varied evening of prog at the Band on the Wall, Manchester. Many will know Amanda from her frequent appearances with Steve Hackett as well as her lovely solo album, Innocence and Illusion. It will be a joy to share the evening with such gifted songwriters as Amanda and Amy. The whole event is organised by our friend Tony Brierly of All FM in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.
We hope to see you there if you can make it to support this very worthy cause.

After that I shall be criss-crossing the country with both JHB and Beatrix Players sharing the stage with some wonderfully talented people. With some venues it’s a return visit while others are new to us which is always exciting. Please do book in advance if you possibly can as it really helps both venues and artists plan for the year ahead.
Whatever the occasion, I continue to give thanks for being able to be part of something positive that brings people together in a world that sadly seems intent on tearing itself apart.

Gigs 2024 Update

John Hackett Band

Thurs 22nd Feb – Tony’s Time Machine, Band on the Wall, Manchester – in aid of Prostate Cancer, with Amanda Lehmann and The Beatrix Players
Tickets here

Sat 2nd March – Future Yard, Birkenhead – with support from Dominic Sanderson
Tickets here

Fri 15th March – Forum, Darlington – with special guest Heather Findlay
Tickets here

Fri 5th April – Crookes, Sheffield – with Del Scott Miller
Tickets here

Sat 6th April – The Village Pump, Trowbridge – with Howard Sinclair
Tickets here

Fri 19th April – Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax – with Joanne Harris & the Storytime Band
Tickets here

Sat 20th April – Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury
Tickets here

Sat 25th May – 45 Live, Kidderminster + Emerald Dawn
Tickets here

Sat 1 June – Soundle Music Festival
Tickets here

Sat 15th June – East Molesey Methodist Church, London 

Sun 16 June – The 1865, Southampton – with special guest Heather Findlay
Tickets here

Sat 14th Sept – Seven Arts, Leeds + Blackheart Orchestra

Beatrix Players

Sunday 4 February – the 1865, Southampton

Thurs 22nd Feb – Tony’s Time Machine, Band on the Wall, Manchester – in aid of Prostate Cancer, with Amanda Lehmann and The Beatrix Players

Saturday 16 March – Barlaston Village Hall, Stoke on Trent – with Amanda Lehman

Friday 12 April – The Winter’s End Progressive Rock Festival

Saturday 23 November – Lantern Theatre, Sheffield


 I should also mention the new John Hackett Band album that is coming on very nicely and will be released later this year!
More on this very soon.

And do check out the websites of the other band members.
Our brilliant drummer, Duncan Parsons, has a fine new album out – I’m Here, All Weak.
And our virtuoso lead guitarist, Nick Fletcher, continues to receive ecstatic reviews for his album Quadrivium

And finally…

My old school chum,  Nick Clabburn – who wrote the great lyrics on my first rock solo album, Checking out of London – has just sent me this video  link to a  Steve Hackett show we played more than a few years back.

This proves two things:
1. Despite what my wife thinks , I really did have a 32 ” waist once upon a time.

2. As far as bass pedals are concerned , it doesn’t matter what you hit them with (I used my fists) as long as they are good and loud!