The John Hackett Band is made up from four gents who are also artists in their own right. We thought you’d appreciate a handy guide to who they are!

John is probably the best known of the band, from his work with his brother, both on record and countless live appearances, extensive session work, and (of course) his solo output.

He’s mostly recognised for his exquisite flute work, though he’s a multi-instrumentalist, also playing guitars and keyboards in the band.

Many of you probably know of his Facebook page, but for those who don’t, it’s here: John Hackett

As well as bringing both gentle and fiery electric guitar to the band’s sound, Nick is also a stellar classical guitar player and composer, with many albums to his name, performing around the country. He and John also perform together as a duo, and have a released couple of albums together.

Nick’s Facebook page is here: Nick Fletcher Guitar

Jeremy was the final piece that formed the band. He has brought bass, vocals and guitar to complete the sound, but is also a writer, both musically and dramatically – we perform some of his tunes on stage, and those lovely bits of prose that get posted, well…

He’s got a Masters degree in Renaissance Theatre, and his Facebook page is here: JRC Richardson.

Finally, Duncan Parsons wears many hats, though in performance with the band it’s mainly drums and triangle (as in, he plays them, rather than wearing them..). He has a variety of album credits playing a variety of instruments, and releases his own material (some with video), including instrumental albums under the banner of ‘Music for Stairlifts’ – make of that what you will.

He, unsurprisingly, also has a Facebook page here: Duncan Parsons


Photos by Howard Sinclair