Hacktrax News – Feb 2023

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It was a great start to the year with  the annual trip to Trading Boundaries with my brother Steve taking place in January . Lovely ambience, great food and nice to sample the delights of the new hotel rooms-well worth a visit. I’ll be back there 17th and 18th March with the Rocking Horse Music Club .

And then on from this lovely intimate venue to two others that were new to me, this time with the John Hackett Band.
At the Wrecking Ball Arts Centre, Hull, Carrie Martin played a great opening set, while at the Barnoldswick Music and Arts Centre, I joined Amy Birks (with Oliver Day and Matt Lumb) who opened the show with another exquisite performance. One gentleman there informed me it was 44 years since he had last seen me which, if that’s a pattern,  will put me at 111 next time our paths cross. We had a great uncle who lived to 108 so I’m not going to completely discount the possibility…

Amy, John & Oliver at Barnoldswick
Photo: Katrin Hackett

If , however, you would like to see me a little sooner plus the incredibly talented guys with whom I make a noise in the John Hackett Band, you can catch us this coming Saturday at Ravenscourt Arts Theatre where we are sharing the bill with the wonderful Joanne Harris and the Storytime band-always nice to have another flute player around!

And then it’s on to Lancaster Priory for a return trip with my Italian friend Marco Lo Muscio on organ and piano  for Prog at the Priory – we were last there in 2016 . This time my brother Steve is making an appearance as special guest on acoustic guitar for what promises to be an evening of prog with a classical twist.  Going back over my flute part for Marco’s Visions of Minas Tirith in preparation for this concert, I came across a note to self just before the end, ” Take Earplug!”. It was a practical reminder of the tour round Europe Marco and I made pre- covid when I frequently found myself stood right next to those huge organ pipes for Marco’s fortissimo finale – and you think rock bands are loud.

And finally, before the daffodils are fully in bloom, on Sunday 26th February, we are off to the 1865 in Southampton where we share the evening with the amazing Blackheart Orchestra.