Happy Easter

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Happy Easter to all those who celebrate (and to those who don’t – I hope you’ve still had a peaceful bank holiday weekend)!

I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to have spent this time with my family – all my children, my daughter in law, my mother, her husband, my wife and of course Cobweb the cat.

There was a hectic Friday and Saturday morning spent getting the house ready for guests (aka a quick sweep of the floors and shoving our usual clutter into respective bedrooms) before my mother June, her husband Mike, my son and his wife arrived – all in perfect time for us to primp and preen before a delicious meal at a local Turkish restaurant.

Sunday morning featured a lovely service hosted in collaboration with another local church, a lavish roast cooked by my lovely wife, an afternoon nap and football match (I suppose I’ve reached that age where watching anything in front of the TV means they’re one and the same), followed by playing games I don’t understand the rules to (thankfully no one pulled out the monopoly board…).