Hippo or Rhino???

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Whoever said you should never go back was clearly not in a rock band! It was a joy to be back at the Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury, round the corner from where we used to live in the 90’s, … Continued

Winter’s End

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They say to live a long life you should have daughters – I’m lucky enough to have two who, believe it or not, are willing to spend a Saturday night with their old man instead of going out clubbing. So, … Continued

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter to all those who celebrate (and to those who don’t – I hope you’ve still had a peaceful bank holiday weekend)! I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to have spent this time with my family – … Continued

What a week!

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Wow what a week! Last Saturday saw myself and my two daughters head down the M1 to celebrate my mother’s 94th birthday (of course, like a good son I don’t believe she looks a day over 25) with her and … Continued

On the road …

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Huge thanks to everyone who came along to Acapela Studio, Cardiff on Sunday to hear the first live performance of the new Beatrix Players album Living & Alive – what a lovely audience to play to!It was great to open … Continued

Living and Alive

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I count myself extremely fortunate to be working with this lovely bunch of people! The new Beatrix Players album ‘Living & Alive’ is available at https://burningshed.com/store/beatrix-players and https://beatrixplayers.bandcamp.com/album/living-alive Thanks so much to all those who have taken the trouble to … Continued

More dates!

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Looking forward to a return trip with the band to The Musician Pub in Leicester a little later this year. It’s great to have another gig with Carrie Martin as well! If you can’t wait that long, don’t forget we … Continued

Live show

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If you missed my duo with Matt Lumb at Trading Boundaries LIVE back in March, here are some highlights from our set! Freefall – John Hackett / Moonchild – King Crimson / Jazz on a Summer’s Night – Steve & … Continued