Hippo or Rhino???

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Rhino or Hippo?

Whoever said you should never go back was clearly not in a rock band! It was a joy to be back at the Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury, round the corner from where we used to live in the 90’s, and to see it still thriving. Anyone who stopped by the merch table on Saturday may have met the rather scary looking creature my son (8 at the time) made while at one of the pottery classes. We always thought it was a hippo but this Easter he informed us it was in actual fact a rhino… picture attached for you to cast your own votes on its lineage. And lovely to see some old friends there too, including Nigel who took the fab photos of the band.
All thanks to Ben who did such a great job on sound, Dario and all the staff who made us feel so welcome.

The night before the John Hackett Band was up in Halifax at the Square Chapel Arts Centre with Joanne Harris and the #Storytime Band. Joanne was gracious enough to show me how she mikes up her flute – maybe next time she can give me some tips on how to write a bestseller… All credit to our sound man for the evening, Craig, who soldiered on manfully despite having cracked his head early on in the soundcheck. Again, it was a lovely warm welcome from Jamie, Michael and all the staff at this gorgeous venue.

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