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The Cloud of Unknowing


‘The Cloud of Unknowing is in my opinion a master-work and is by a long way my album of the year so far!’
Stevie Iona-Vaughan (Progzilla Radio)

‘Nick’s fluency is outstanding..… I consider Nick Fletcher to be an absolute star’ …
Steve Hackett 2020

The Cloud of Unknowing’ is an album of Progressive Rock music. Featuring Nick on Electric guitar. Nine original compositions which draw musical inspiration from the likes of Genesis, Focus, Pink Floyd, Allan Holdsworth and Dream Theater.

The album has contributions from luminaries from the world of prog including Dave Bainbridge (Lifesigns, Celestial Fire, Iona, Strawbs) Tim Harries (ex Bill Bruford’s Earthworks) Caroline Bonnett and Russ Wilson (The Book of Genesis, Genesis Visible Touch and Number 1 Elton John Rocket Band). Plus Stuart Barbour contributing lead vocals on two tracks.

Track List

1. Out of the Maelstrom

2. The Eyes of Persephone


3. We Need to Leave This Place…Right Now!

4. Pandemonium

5. The Cloud of Unknowing Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

6. Awakening the Hydra

7. Dance of the Hydra

8. Arcadia

9. The Paradox Part 1 Part 2

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)