Happy New Year

2017 felt like a milestone with the release of the John Hackett Band’s double album We Are Not Alone (including our live recording at the Classic Rock Society) on Esoteric Antenna. Huge thanks... READ MORE

Trading Boundaries

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It was great to play two nights at Trading Boundaries last weekend with my brother Steve, Roger , Rob and Amanda . Huge thanks to Michael, Monika , Tracey and all the staff... READ MORE

Album Launch

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Thanks to everyone who came to the launch on Saturday for the new John Hackett Band album “We Are Not Alone” at 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield. Special thanks to art gallery manager Naomi... READ MORE

We Are Not Alone

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We are thrilled to announce the release of our new album We Are Not Alone on 29 September on the Esoteric Antenna (Cherry Red Records) label. I say we, as this is the... READ MORE