Hacktrax News – May 2020

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As this lockdown goes on, I continue to think of all our friends across the globe and all those who have been so badly affected by this terrible virus.  I am thankful for being fortunate enough to do some work from home which means there is a structure to my day.


One of the advantages of modern technology is the possibility to work with other musicians around the world. Among several other projects  I recorded flute here a few weeks back to send on  to friends in Italy (Giorgio Coslovich for a recording with David Jackson and also Roberto Vitelli).

I was delighted to be asked to take part in video performances by the Watch which you can see here:

You may also enjoy this video of Hands of the Priestess with Marco Lo Muscio at the piano in Rome and me in Sheffield.

One of the favourite venues for any band on the UK touring circuit is Trading Boundaries-here is part of our set at the end of last year with the Steve Hackett Acoustic Trio.

Solo Sessions

I am now concentrating on writing and beginning to record which is always an exciting prospect. And as a bit of light relief, I have started a series of solo sessions where I play along to pre-recorded tracks provided by friends such as Giorgio Gabriel , Marco Lo Muscio and Matt Lumb. If you have missed these and want to take a look please click here.

I recorded a similar video to support Christian Aid , a charity who works with people of all faiths and none. So do take a look and if you possibly can, please make a donation via the link in the description box.

John Hackett Band News

Just before our John Hackett Band tour was cut short, we took possession of some lovely new organic cotton T-shirts to help you look good on your daily 5k run. Currently available in all sizes from small to XXL, you can order them from the Hacktrax Shop.


You may also like to know that our drummer Duncan Parsons has a fine new album out called Common Sense Dancing to which I was pleased to add a bit of fluting.

Meanwhile, do stay safe and we will let you know as soon as we hear anything about the prospect of resuming live concerts by the John Hackett Band