Hacktrax News – September 2020

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John Hackett Band

There was a welcome sense of normality a few weeks back when the band got together for a socially-distanced blast through the old set plus delving into some exciting new material. It felt like the start of a new term with uniforms freshly pressed (JHB T-shirts available below) and tales of what we all had all (not) gotten up to over those long summer months. Still, it was great to make a noise again in the hope of getting back out on the road meeting more of you lovely people. Sadly, since then further gigs have had to be cancelled due to the pandemic though currently these are the ones remaining for the rest of this year:

  • November 8   Southampton  1865 with Haze
  • December 3  Sheffield  Greystones
  • December 19   Oundle   Queen Vic with the Blackheart Orchestra

We will let you know of any further developments as soon as we hear.

Solo lockdown album

“The Piper Plays His Tune”

Being at home so much these past months gave me the difficult choice between copious amounts of DIY home improvement or writing and recording a completely solo lockdown album. In the end given the choice between a paintbrush and my trusty old quill composing pen, I chose the latter…

The album is now almost finished-shiny electric guitars have been put back in their cases, flutes cleaned and lovingly polished until next time, keyboards put back in the loft and my recording laptop which has been my friend (and, yes, sometimes even my enemy these past months) has been squirrelled away in the family sideboard until the muse strikes again.

Although not a concept album, it features some songs about contemporary issues such as climate change and lockdown plus the obligatory everyday tale of bondage on a desert island. This last more of a fantasy item rather than based on my own life experiences, you will be glad to hear.

There are still a few decisions to be made-should I really have included that twenty minute spoons and washboard duet in 15/8 which I hope may one day be sung at football grounds throughout the land? There’s still time to change my mind on that one.


I have also had the pleasure of being able to continue recording flute for friends round the world.

It was great to team up with David Jackson for some very interesting and brilliant music for flute,sax and piano written by Giorgio Coslovich – please have a look here.

As well as doing a bit of fluting for our friends in Strangefish, the Samurai of Prog kindly invited me to play on their next release “La Tierra”

And I was delighted to be asked back by Amy Birks to play on her next album.  She continues to write music of the very highest order and what a voice!

Meanwhile, Nick Fletcher has been putting the finishing touches to his fine solo album to which I have made a writing and vocal contribution.

So there is a lot to look forward to hearing in terms of new music in the coming months. Let’s just hope that it will not be too long before we can all go out to play again.


Meanwhile, please be aware that we have CDs and T-shirts for sale from our website.

We hope to see you all again soon.

Ooh and congrats to my brother Steve on his autobiography which has been very well received. And thanks to him for not mentioning that incident with the banana.