Hacktrax News – October 2020

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The Piper Plays His Tune

After months of shrieking and wailing every time the computer crashed and those long intense lunches during lockdown when discussing the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre with my student daughter all seemed a lot more appealing than listening to the grim news on the radio, I have finally emerged with a completely solo rock album. Howard Sinclair has sent through his super artwork so now it is ready for manufacture.

The Piper Plays His Tune is due for release on 18 November and is available to order from our own Hacktrax website shop: The Piper Plays His Tune : Advance orders.

John Hackett Band

Meanwhile, sadly the John Hackett Band have had to cancel all our live gigs for the rest of this year including an appearance at one of our favourite venues in Sheffield, the Greystones. Given that so many parts of the country are now under such tight restrictions our thoughts really do go out to all those in the entertainment and hospitality sectors whose jobs and livelihoods have been so badly affected by this awful virus.

Nick Fletcher

In other news Nick Fletcher’s fine solo album Cycles of Behaviour featuring among others Dave Bainbridge and Russ Wilson is now finished. I was very pleased to make a contribution in terms of some flute playing, vocals and co-writing to what I am sure will be a very successful album.


We will of course keep you informed when we start to get back to anything resembling our usual touring schedule. Do stay safe.