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Whether you are lucky enough to be enjoying a summer of love or just quietly cleaning off your bucket and spade to put away in the hope of more consistent weather next year, could we crave your attention a moment? It’s not long now until the start of the new term and there are several exciting events to look forward to involving Hacktrax , all things JHB and beyond… 

Meanwhile work on the new JHB studio album proceeds apace. More on this soon ..

Also, a plea from Matron who, due to recent efficiency drives, has now taken over the running of lost property. Apparently she has several packs of guitar strings which do not have boys’ names correctly sewn in them. There is also a 1957 gold top Les Paul which has been in the lost property cupboard since Christmas. If it is not claimed by the first week of term, she says it is going in the bin!

Upcoming shows

Saturday 2nd September – Nene Valley Rock Festival

It looks like we’ll be in fabulous company with all the other acts playing over the weekend – if you’ve not got a ticket yet, it might be worth having a closer look!
We are delighted to announce that Beatrix Players‘ Ms Amy Birks will be adding her soaring voice to a number of tunes, including the King Crimson classic, “I Talk To The Wind”.

Sun 24th September – The Musician, Leicester

We’re joined this time by the wonderful Carrie Martin whose latest album, Evergreen, is proving to be loved and adored by fans and critics alike (with Jeremy adding a spot of bass to the epic Keep In The Light)

It seems that, collectively, we have a lot going on over the next little while!
Listed below are all the various band and member activities up to the end of the year.
Note – some items don’t have links yet, but will become available with official announcements (eg Chester Literary Festival)


Hopefully we’ll see you somewhere around the country, and that you’ll love the music that reaches your ears!

Album Releases

As well as recording material for the new band album, there are also these release dates to look forward to: